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A message from Eva to the citizens of St. Paul

Eva Ng is Saint Paul Proud

We live surrounded by beauty. We live surrounded by history. We live in an area of rich tradition and diverse people. We are the city of Saint Paul and we must protect and revitalize the beauty, history, and proud traditions we hold dear.

While we have so much to be proud of in our city, we the citizens have much work to do. I am stepping forward and saying it is time to roll up our sleeves and be about the business of Our City.

It is time to change how our city is run. We cannot stand by as the budget of the city grows while our citizens cut. Our businesses and citizens struggle under the weight of lower incomes and rising taxes and fees while the current administration continues to expand local government size and spending.

Many of our neighborhoods are infested with crime, plagued by foreclosures, and blighted by vacant buildings. It will take effort from all of us to turn these around and renew these neighborhoods but it will happen.

Drive around our city and you will see the vacant storefronts left behind by businesses seeking a friendlier place to operate. It is time we work with them, open our arms, and encourage them to build and expand inside Saint Paul.

It is time we stand up and say Saint Paul should no longer be hamstrung by expanding debts but must be a city that follows the example of so many of its citizens and operates on a balanced budget. We cannot continue to mortgage the future of our city and its residents by spending more than we bring in.

I realize this will not be an easy job nor will it happen overnight but I ask you to join me in my endeavor to effect these changes. Only with the help and support of the citizens of Saint Paul will we all be able to say we truly live in the "Most Livable City in America."

Eva Ng is St. Paul Proud



Eva's Pledge to St. Paul

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